The General Assembly of FIFPro held this year in Cairo from December 4 to Dcember 7.  The Assembly was also attended by delegation of the Union of Professional Football Players in Bosnia and Herzegovina, led by the Unions founder and Vice President Aldin Djidic and Secretary General of the Union Kanita Pojskic-Cutura, to whom this eas first official FIFPro Assembly.

But the most important fact is that at first day of Assembly the Union of Professional Football Players in Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a document by which the Union officially got the Candidate Member Status at this Association, and that is one step towards to full membership at FIFPro.

Namely, the Candidate Status gives a right to each Players Union to vote at GA, participation in Social Dialogue among all stakeholders involved in European and world football, participation in all events and meetings organized by FIFPro, benefits in the representation of players when it comes to procedures conducted in front of FIFA and CAS, but also a  greater financial support from FIFPro , which enables us to implement and realize more activities and projects for our members during the next year (camp and tournament for players without contract at the end of the season, solidarity fund ect.). This is a major breakthrough for our Union given the fact that we will also have assistance in establishing cooperation (which has so far absent) between UEFA-national Bosnian FA-the Union, which is crucial for certain changes in the status of players in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Agenda for the 4 days of Assembly was really content, but what needs to be pointed out is the following :

  • FIFPro got new full members : Macedonia, Gabon, Honduras and Panama, but also few Unions got Candidate Status : Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenya, Mexico and South Corea.
  • The Agreement between FIFA and FIFPro has been presented and what are the changes that can be expected after April 2018, when it is planed to implement the Agreement at national levels;
  • FIFPro Strategy Paper 2018-2021 is presented and what are FIFPro main goals during next four years;
  • The new composition of FIFPro global Board is confirmed, and two woman took the place at the same- Caroline Jonsson from Sweden and Camila Garcia from Chile. One woman also took the place at FIFPro European Board and it is Mila Hristova from Bulgaria.

We are really proud that we are part of this big family and really hope that finally, in our country we will be recognise as partners from mutual interest by anyone involved in Bosnian football.