FIFA has decided that FC Sloboda Tuzla, within 30 days, must pay 100.000,00 BAM of debt to the players Ivan Fatic and Ivan Kostic, that are members of the Union of Professional Football Players in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On June 20, the First Instance Commission of the FA did not get the licence to FC Sloboda Tuzla for playing Premier League 2017/2018, because of debts to 4 former players of that club, amounted to more than 100.000,00 BAM. But after the session of the Second Instance Commission of FA, held on June 29, the club got a conditional license , with the obligation to pay the deposit at the FA account in the amount of 45.000,00 BAM. That money is still at the FAs account and have not been transferred to the players accounts.

Since Fatic and Kostic are foreign nationals, FIFA is responsible for the dispute with the club. Based on this, FIFA made a Decision that the club has to pay the debts to these players within 30 days.

This Decision by FIFA regarding Kostic and Fatic can serve as guideline for solving cases of those players who have Bosnian citizenship.

Because of this Decision the FC Sloboda can be in big trouble and can expect rigorous sanctions if they do not pay the money to the players. But now the biggest question is how the Licensing Commission of FA will act, because they did not comply earlier with the valid national rules, as we from the Union previously stated.