With the aim of establishing professional co-operation, we transmit the procedure that will regulate the work of the Syndicate and media representatives.

Annual Press Conference

The Syndicate at the end of the calendar year organizes a press conference to summarize the results achieved over the past year. The call to the media will be sent on time, with a clearly stated schedule and location, and for any additional questions available at the e-mail: sindikatpfbih@gmail.com.

Interview with the representatives of the organization

If you would like to make an interview with the authorized representatives of the organization you need to send an e-mail to sindikatpfbih@gmail.com two days earlier, with a specific proposal containing the name of the redaction, information about the form of the interview and the targeted topic, after which you will receive an email with confirmation of details or a call from the organization’s secretariat.

Recording annual assemblies and business meetings

If you want to take a photo or video content from annual assemblies or business meetings, you need to timely announce your arrival, after which you will receive an email confirming the details or calling the organization’s secretariat.

Contact: sindikatpfbih@gmail.com.